Tim Johnson began his songwriting career 25 years ago at age 3 and has been playing music in one form or another ever since. He has toured the northeast as the trombonist for the Bottle Rocket Kings, a rock / ska band from Maine and released one album with them. Now versed in a variety of instruments Tim has composed and produced many of his own songs with an eclectic blend of influences including rock, blues, ethnic, funk, acoustic rock, classical, country, and even techno. Drawing lyrical inspiration from everything including video games, particle physics, the origin of the universe, hamsters, Cyclops and more, his debut album “Turtles All the Way Down” has been released mid 2010. This album is fully recorded and produced at his home studio in Raymond, NH.

His passion for physics and drive to understand everything he encounters fuels both his music and career as a mechanical engineer. He spends his daytime hours at a design firm designing various medical and consumer products, and was one of the lead engineers of the “Rock Band” drum kit as well as the "Beatles: Rock Band" guitars. With his name on several patents, he his always pursuing new product ideas to bring to market through his own company "Onticco".

Tim Johnson grew up in the small town of Buckfield, Maine (the same small town as Patrick Dempsey and Ray Lamontagne), and began studying piano at age 6. He played saxophone during elementary school and sousaphone during middle school in the school’s marching band. During high school is when Tim was asked to play trombone with the Bottle Rocket Kings. The band had a large local following and played with acts such as the J.Geils Band, Howie Day, The Toasters and Rustic Overtones.

When the Bottle Rocket Kings disbanded in 2002 Tim picked up the guitar and began songwriting while attending college at Northeastern University. During this time he self-produced two full length music videos which have received a good amount of internet airplay.

Tim is also a second degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and currently studies and teaches several types of Chinese Kung Fu as well as Brazilian Capoeira.

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