Hello People!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my stuff. I tend to write whatever kind of music strolls into my mind at the moment so hopefully you can find something here to enjoy.

Turtles All The Way Down offers a cosmic blend of zany, indie folk rock and aggressive swordplay for the inquisitive and young-at-heart.

After 26 long years of recording, Turtles All The Way Down is finally upon us! The 12 track album will be available on iTunes, Amazon and most other online stores, it will also be available for purchase here on the website by Aug 7th 2010!

Click here to purchase and for more disk information.





That's right! I'm pretending people care!

So if you're an official "fan" of Tim Johnson then you'll have top secret clearance to access two brand new (albeit very short) songs via ReverbNation

The first song is called "Space Invaders". It was actually written some time ago, but I think it may have enough merit to make its way onto a small part of the album.

The second exclusive song is called "Green Fly". It came to me by way of three mariachis in the back of my car in a dream I had a few months ago.

This is a celebration of the new album soon to be released across the globe to billions of eager ears. If you're already a fan then you should have access on this page (look to the left). If you're not already a fan, just put your email address in the top left corner of the screen and you'll be on the hook for lots of spam! No really. I'll spam you like crazy! Being a fan comes at a price, ya know... Okay, I won't...

ENJOY! And I will keep you posted on all upcoming events.

Despite my best efforts to avoid actually making a website for myself, I figured that since I'm going to release the album soon, I'd like to have a place to publish stuff other than on facebook... So here it is. My first real endeavor into Drupal too! Ready and rarin' to handle billions of hits per second. I'll be adding images and more music soon. It would be awesome if you signed up for the newsletter, that way you'll get a note when the album, "Turtles All The Way Down", does actually come out, which is scheduled to be sometime this summer!

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